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An Overview

When it comes to South Chennai, Velachery is another residential area and the over the past years this town has developed due to the emerging IT sector in this region. Velachery is a hub that connects the growing business class Information Technology corridor also famously known as the OMR. In terms of growth, Velachery is a combination of the new and the old face of Chennai. When it comes to transportation, the main road connects to the growing adjacent suburbs of the city. Apart from this, the other ways to connect to the city are Taramani link and through the Inner Ring Road.

Best Property in Velachery

AGP Homes Vijayam
AGP Homes Vijayam Avg. Rate 0
AGP Homes Shrirangam
AGP Homes Shrirangam Avg. Rate 0
AGP Homes Hariniyam
AGP Homes Hariniyam Avg. Rate 0

Best Property Builders In Velachery

DRA Group
  • Exp: 38 Years
  • Total Projects: 2
  • Ongoing Projects: 5
AGP Homes
  • Exp: 20 Years
  • Total Projects: 4
  • Ongoing Projects: 0
Vishranthi Homes
  • Exp: 28 Years
  • Total Projects: 1
  • Ongoing Projects: 0
A.K.B Homes
  • Exp: 0 Years
  • Total Projects: 1
  • Ongoing Projects: 0
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