Property Tax Thane: A Complete Guide on Thane Municipal Corporation 2022

Property Tax Thane

Just outside of Mumbai proper, you'll find the residential district of Thane. The Thane Mahanagar Palika collects property taxes annually from Thane residents who are required to do so by law. The Thane Property Tax is the name given to this tax. For the general maintenance of Thane, property owners are obliged to pay a tax to the Thane Municipal Corporation, known as Property Tax Thane. Property tax is collected twice a year by the Thane Mahanagar Palika. The first round of collecting must be completed by April 1, and the second round by October 1. TMC property is now taxed at a 38.67 percent rate. The government's initiatives have made it easier for property owners in Pune to get answers to their inquiries concerning property taxes. Thane Municipal Corporation uses online and conventional methods to collect property taxes. The property tax of Thane Mahanagar Palika may be paid in person by real estate owners at any of the city's municipal centers. You may pay your ticket in cash or with a cheque at any of the Thane Municipal Corporation's branch offices.

A comprehensive online resource for the tax payments of property of Thane Municipal Corporation has been introduced on the municipal corporation's website. The TMC property tax information may be accessed easily via the online portal, which also offers several payment alternatives. Property owners may download a TMC property tax online payment receipt once payment has been made. You may pay your Thane property taxes online and obtain a receipt for your payment. Let's have a look at what you need to do to do so.


How to Pay Property Tax Thane Online?

Property tax collection in Thane has been made easier by the creation of an online portal by Thane Municipal Corporation. Online tax payments and support for property owners are also available via this website. The whole process of paying Thane property tax bills online may be completed in just a few clicks from the convenience of your own home.

Thane's online property tax payment method is outlined in detail below: 

  • Click on https://propertytax.thanecity.gov.in/
  • Use the criteria to do a property search. If you own the property, you may use the property number or your own name to do a search.
  • Registration with TMC requires the provision of certain information, such as a phone number and an email address.
  • You will be able to check the property tax in Thane after completing the registration procedure. To pay, click on the "Pay Now" button.
  • If you don't have a credit or debit card, you may also use UPI, which is a remittance service.


How to Download Property Tax Bill Receipts in Thane?

After completing the online payment of their TMC property tax bills, homeowners will be able to see and download their receipts.

These are the steps that must be followed to get online receipts for property tax payments from the Thane municipal corporation: 

  • Click on https://propertytax.thanecity.gov.in/
  • Fill out the required fields and submit the appropriate documents.
  • You may use whichever kind of payment you like to make the transaction a success.
  • You may keep a copy of the TMC property tax payment receipt by clicking on the download option in the top right corner of the page once the payment has been completed successfully.


Property Tax Calculator Thane

The Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) uses the following formula to compute property taxes:

After calculating the total carpet area of a building by its tax rate, Thane property taxes are computed by taking into account factors such as the age of the building as well as the floor and type of structure. This straightforward approach may be used to compute Thane property tax if you own property in Thane.


You may pay your Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) property tax bill online if you have a rough idea of how much it will cost. This simplifies the process of paying property taxes online in Thane. The tax payment calculator of TMC property will give you an idea of how much you’re TMC Thane property tax will be. The official TMC Thane property tax bill calculator may be found at this URL.


How do I Change my Name on Property Tax Thane online?

Every real estate transaction requires the transfer of ownership of a piece of property. In addition, it is essential to keep property tax paperwork up to date. If the property owner wants to begin the process of changing the owner on their Thane property tax statement online, they must file a formal application to the Municipal Corporation. To submit an online application, please go to https://propertytax.thanecity.govin/.


The offline application for a property tax Thane name change in records must be submitted to the commissioners of revenue with the verified copies of the following papers.


  • Property tax refunds that have previously been paid
  • The NOC from your housing association or society is essential.
  • A government-approved deed of sale.
  • Presence of a person

Depending on the city, the whole procedure might take anywhere from 15 to 30 days to be completed by the local authorities. The online platform given by Thane MahanagarPalike makes it simple to accomplish anything from filing an application to changing one's name on their property tax records in Thane.


Property Tax Thane: Latest News

As long as certain conditions are met, the Thane Municipal Corporation may consider exempting properties up to 500 square feet in floor area from paying property taxes. Maharashtra's Minister of Urban Development, EknathShinde, remarked a short time ago. As a direct consequence of Mumbai's announcement of a similar waiver, the administration has observed a significant rise in the number of property registrations. The Shiv Sena's government, the MahaVikasAghadi (MVA), is in charge of these cities' day-to-day operations. The municipal elections in Mumbai and Thane will be held soon.


According to a second directive from Dr.Vipin Sharma, the TMC Commissioner, the collection of property and water taxes should be taken more seriously. The TMC's goal is to ensure that everyone in the municipality follows the uniform code and pays their taxes on time so that the municipal body can properly carry out its tasks. For the sake of TMC's ability to carry out its mission, the property tax in Thane must be paid on time. As a result, the TMC commissioner has put up a specialized team tasked with collecting property tax Thane from the city's 176 distinct apartment buildings.


It has been made exceedingly easy for residents of Thane to pay their property tax to Thane and to see and download the receipts for their payments by the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC). Real estate owners must pay their property taxes on time to avoid incurring late payment penalties. If the rules and laws are not adhered to in the correct way, the property owners may face legal consequences. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Property Tax Thane, please contact the legal experts. We promise to provide the best real estate consulting services at the most economical prices. Contact us or leave a comment on our blog if you have any real estate-related queries, and a member of our executive team will respond as soon as possible.




Q1. What is the current rate of the property tax in Thane??

Ans. The present property tax rate in Thane happens to be 38.67%.


Q2. Where in Thane can I make my property tax payment??

Ans. At the municipal corporation of Thane's administrative offices, homeowners who owe property tax may make their payments in full. You may also make the payment via the official website of Thane Municipal Corporation, which is accessible online.


Q3. Why is it so crucial for the government to collect property taxes??

Ans. For the government, the revenue generated by property taxes is critical to funding the upkeep of public facilities. Taxes collected by the government cover everything from drainage upkeep to waste collection. As a major source of revenue for the government, property taxes must be paid on time to help the region grow.


Q4. Which method should I use to figure out how much Thane's property taxes should be??

Ans. The property tax is calculated using a simple method by TMC. Thane:

Total carpet area/area of land (if unoccupied) x use factor x age factor x floor factor x building type = Property tax in Thane.


Q5. What happens if I don't pay my property taxes in Thane, Maharashtra?

Ans. It's possible to keep up with the payments even if you miss the first deadline. Homeowners may avoid legal action by paying their property taxes on time and incurring late payment penalties. If you fail to pay your property tax in Thane, the municipal corporation has the ability to confiscate and sell your property or declare it unlawful.

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