Housing Scheme for Journalists in Andhra Pradesh

Media is often referred to as one of the most important and strongest pillars of democracy. The people who work in this profession add a lot of value to our society. Journalists are the messengers of truth, and since the kind of service they provide is invaluable, the government has introduced several schemes for their benefit from time to time. One such scheme is the housing scheme for journalists in Andhra Pradesh.

The state government in Andhra Pradesh came up with the initiative to provide flats or single houses to journalists based and working in the state. In consultation with the Information and Public Relations Department of the State (IPR), the state government devised a scheme that would help journalists get a house or a flat free of cost or at very cheap rates, based on the kind of criteria they fulfill.

To avail of this housing scheme for Journalists in Andhra Pradesh have to fulfill some criteria. Here is a list of the eligibility criteria for journalists in Andhra Pradesh for the housing scheme.

  • The journalist who applies for this scheme must have received accreditation from the state government.
  •  The journalist would be required to produce proof of their residential address in the form of some government-recognized document like an Aadhar card or have to procure a certificate from the Tehsildar’s office.
  •  The journalist must produce an affidavit containing the details of any benefit they might have received from the previous government in terms of house, flat, or a plot. Even if they received a benefit in their spouse's name, they would have to make this information clearly described in the affidavit. If the journalist or his/her spouse has received any benefit from the present/previous government in the recent past, they will most likely not be eligible for the housing scheme.
  •  If the journalist, who is the beneficiary of this scheme, is not married, he/she will be required to get the house registered in the name of his/her mother. An affidavit has to be submitted for the same.
  •  Journalists who reside in rural areas will be given houses under schemes introduced by the state government, which are also functional like NTR Housing Scheme or some other scheme sponsored by the government. I and PR department provide financial support for most of these schemes.
  •  If a journalist is residing in an urban area, he/she will have four options or schemes to choose from.

Scheme 1: A 1 BHK house covering an area of 365 square feet and costing Rs. 6.65 lakhs will be provided by the government. From the total amount, State and Central Government will contribute with Rs. 1.5 lakhs each. Rs. 1.5 lakhs will be provided by the I and PR department. The beneficiary will pay the remaining 1.5 lakhs.

Scheme 2: Under this scheme, a 2 BHK house is provided, which covers an area of 430 square feet. The cost of the house, as decided by the government, is Rs. 7.65 lakhs. The state government, central government, contribute Rs. 1.5 lakhs each. The balance amount, which comes down to Rs. 2.15 lakhs will be contributed by the beneficiary.

Scheme 3: A 3 BHK house is provided under this scheme. The house, covering an area of 720 square feet, is priced at Rs. 11.52 lakhs. The state and central governments, along with the I and PR department, contributes with Rs. 1.5 lakhs each. The balance amount of Rs. 7.0 lakhs have to be arranged by the beneficiary.

BLC Scheme: A 430 square feet house, which is valued at Rs. 5 lakhs, is provided in this scheme. The central government provides 1.5 lakhs from its end. The state government and the I and PR department contribute with 1 lakh each. The remaining 1 lakh rupees have to be provided by the beneficiary.  


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