List Of The 9 Best And Most Affordable Apartment Options Available In Bangalore

Best And Most Affordable Apartment In Bangalore

Own houses are still a dream for many middle-class people, and to fulfil their goals, they can invest in affordable apartments available in several locations in Bangalore. Many construction companies and builders develop several apartment projects in cheap price ranges, and they also provide several benefits for those projects. People who want to choose the best option for an apartment should create a top best list of affordable apartments in Bangalore, which will help them to choose the perfect option that suits their requirements. Similarly, it also helps them to save money in this business. These are some common points people need to know about purchasing affordable apartments.

Instead of building or buying individual houses, many people prefer to purchase apartments because of the features and benefits available with those kinds of properties. These kinds of apartments are more affordable than individual houses, and they also provide various benefits for the buyers. Though there are different apartments available throughout Bangalore, only a few provide affordable apartment options. They also offer various facilities like the other expensive apartments. Most people of Bangalore are either from other states or working here in an organization. So, apartments are the best and cheapest for these kinds of people.

Features necessary for an affordable apartment

To choose an affordable apartment, people need to consider various kinds of features, and these features will help people know about the quality available with the apartments. Those necessary features are

  • Price
  • Location
  • Special amenities
  • Safety level
  • Essentials nearby
  • Transportation connectivity

These are all some of the necessary features for an affordable and perfect apartment. Apartments without these options will not help the people buying those apartments.Along with these features, the apartment should also have some basic features like the necessary number of bedrooms and other essential features like water and electricity. So, these are some facts that people need to know about the requirements of affordable apartments.

Top affordable apartment projects in Bangalore

Several different apartments are available in Bangalore, but only some are affordable for people of all classes. People who need to choose the best apartment with a reasonable price range can use this list of apartment projects available in various locations in Bangalore. Those affordable apartments are

These are some of the affordable and best apartment projects available all over Bangalore. All these projects are affordable and suitable for people with different financial levels.So, these are some points that people need to know about variousapartment projects available in and around Bangalore. Then with the help of this top best list of affordable apartments in Bangalore,people can select the best option according to their requirements. So, people using this article will have some knowledge about choosing the best and most affordable apartment for living.

1) Prestige Finsbury Park Hyde

This project is one of the best and most affordable one available in Bangalore and is also from the famousbuilders in the town. This project of the Prestige Group is near the Devanahalli, which is the place where the Kempegowda international airport. It has various amenities like clubhouse and leisure zones, making the property more popular among many people in the city. The affordable price range is also a reason behind the project's popularity.The main reason for this apartment to come at the top of the list is the affordable price range of this project.

Other than those details, some further information is available for people to know about this project. This project consists of 2096 units in total, and all of them are 1 and 2 BHK, which makes the developers provide these kinds of apartments with low and affordable price ranges. Then the total area of the property is about 15 acres which makes the property look more fancy and elite.

2) Brigade El Dorado

This Brigade Group project is also near the airport, and it has various unique amenities for its customers. The apartments that are available with this project are 2 and 3 BHK. It has 911 units in total, and most of them are 2 and 3 BHK, so people who like to buy an affordable apartment with these features can consider this option. The total cover of this project is about 50 acres, and as its name says, this project is a treasure for people looking for affordable apartment options.

3) Assetz 63 Degree East

This project is on the Sarjapur Road in east Bangalore. This project is an eco-friendly flat with various features like rainwater harvesting, energy efficiency, and perfect ventilation design. It also has a lighting option with a motto of conserving energy. So, all these features available with this project make this the best choice, and it also helps it be a part of the top list of best and most affordable apartments available all over Bangalore. This project has 648 units of 1, 2, and 3 BHK houseson 26.38 acres.

4) Provident Capella

This project is near the most significant IT zone, Whitefield, East Bangalore. So, people working in those organizations are the customers of this project, and people who like this kind of ambience are the customers of these apartments. It has 763 units and a combination of 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments. So, people who like to get an apartment in that project will have three options, and they can choose the best option. Among them, the total area of this project is about 6 acres. All these features of this project make it more attractive and suitable for all users, and it also makes it available in the top best list of affordable apartments in Bangalore. It increases the popularity of the project. So, these are some points about this provident Capella project in Bangalore.

5) Shriram Condename Dil Chahata Hai

This project is at the Hosur road in south Bangalore. Like all other luxuries apartments, it also has various attractive amenities like swimming pools, gym, pet zones, and even butterfly parks for its customers to use for multiple uses. Though it has different kinds of attractive amenities, the price range of this project is more affordable than the other apartments with similar features. This residential complex of Shriram properties has 600 units of 2 and 3 BHKs, and the total space is about 18 acres. So, these are some points that people need to know about this project.

6) Vaishnavi Serene

This Vaishnavi group is one of the best builders available in the city, and most of their projects available in Bangalore are affordable, and they also develop unique elite apartments for people who love luxury. However, this property is about 10.33 acres and has 896 units with 1, 2 and 3 BHKs, most people like the amenities available with this project. A swimming pool, play area, clubhouse, gym, and even the rainwater harvesting system are some of the features or amenities available with this project. So, these are some common points about the features and abilities of this project.

7) SKR Meadows

Like all other apartment properties, it also has various attractive features and amenities. Still, the only difference between this project and all other luxury projects in the city is the price difference. This project is more affordable with a lower price range, making it a part of the Top best list of affordable apartments in Bangalore, and it also makes it more popular among people of all classes. This project has a cover of 4.87 acres, and it has 93 units with 3 BHK apartments that are more m=comportable for all kinds of people with different tastes. So, these are some standard features and amenities available with its wonderful residential project.

8) Ahad Excellenica

This one has various features and attractive amenities essential for living among all other projects. First, the location of this project is the main attraction because this project is available on Sarjapur Road, East Bangalore. This project is trendy because it has various features like shopping centres, commercial zones, and a primary transport nexus. It has 530 units in total with 8.5 acres of land with the options of 2 and 3 BHK configurations. These are the amenities and the features of the project that are available for their customers.

9) Mahaveer Northscape

This project is off the airport road in the part of North Bangalore, and this Mahaveer group is one of the famous builders in the city who provides various attractive projects for their customers. This project is on a land cover of 3.78 acres with 238 units off 1, 2& 3 BHK flats, and like all other apartments on the list, it is also famous for its affordable price range for its apartment in the city. So, these are some points about this project, one of the best cheap apartments in Bangalore.


So, people who need to have a clear idea about the best and most affordable apartments in Bangalore city should use this top best list of affordable apartments in Bangalore, which help to get a perfect option that suits all the necessary features the users. So, this article will be helpful for people searching for affordable apartments and residential projects in all areas of Bangalore.

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