Cost of living in Hyderabad - Guide for Students, Couples, Family

Cost of living in Hyderabad

Hyderabadi biryani can trigger your appetite at any given hour and set your pallets rolling on a fabulous ride of spices and flavours. So if you want to enjoy this feast every day, settle in Hyderabad, which is considered to be the second happiest city in India according to India Cities Happiness Report 2020. Happiness is what we look for in our lives and if living in Hyderabad can help you achieve happiness and contentment, then why not live in the city of Char Minar and make living a celebration. But to do that, you must know the cost of living in Hyderabad so that you can plan your finances accordingly and check if you will be in a comfortable position to survive or not.

What Makes the Nawabi City Special?

You are bound to have apprehensions when you think about settling in a new city, but Hyderabad is known for its warmth and hospitality. Thus, you won’t find yourself in a no man’s land the moment you land at the airport. From lip-smacking delicacies to happy-go-lucky people who are full of positivity, there is something unique in the vibes of the city that acts as a magnet for students, middle-aged and senior citizens alike. Various IT companies, pharmaceuticals, and other industries have come up with their offices in the city, and this offers ample opportunity to the young brigade to land here and make a decent living. Accommodation expenses are very reasonable here, and the property rates here are a testimony of the same.

What are the Major Monthly Expenses to be Accounted for?

  • Accommodation: Rent accounts for a major part of the expense per month and the thumb rule is to allocate 1/3rd of your salary for accommodation. Finding a PG in areas like LB Nagar, Ameerpeet, Uppal will not be a challenge and you will find decent accommodation by spending anything between Rs 3500-Rs7000 per month. 1 BHK flat in these areas has rent amounting to Rs 5000-Rs 8000 and 2 BHK is available between Rs 7500-Rs15000 per month. If you go for posh areas like Madhapur, Jubilee Hills, etc, you will have to spend Rs 14000-Rs23000 per month for 1BHK, Rs 30000-Rs 35000 per month for a 2BHK flat and Rs 16000-Rs 44000 per month for a 3BHK flat.
  • Groceries: Grofers, BigBasket have their services in Hyderabad. So if you are in no mood to go to the local kiryana store to buy groceries place the order at any online store and get the groceries delivered at your doorstep. The monthly expense towards groceries will be Rs 5000.
  • Transportation: Hyderabad is well connected through METRO and RTC buses (lowest fare is Rs 7 in RTC bus). MMTC which is the local train service continues to be the most affordable of all the transportation services amongst all the options available. There are various car and bike rental services also which can be availed here.
  • Food: Cooking at home is not just a healthy option but can save you lots of money by the end of the month. You can hire a cook/maid for anything between Rs 1000-Rs 2500, which depends on the number of meals you want the cook to cook. You will never find yourself in a trouble looking for good food options when you are in Hyderabad. If you cook by yourself, the expenses will be Rs 3000 and if you order regularly from outside, it will range between Rs 5000-Rs 6000 monthly.
  • Entertainment: Whether it is a casual walk by the Husain Sagar Lake or a visit to the local tapri for a special chai, you need a break from the monotonous routine and what can be better than spending some money on shopping, ding out and watching a movie. Dining out will cost somewhere between Rs 500- Rs 1000 per person and if you are interested in pub hopping, then the expenses will go up to Rs 2500-Rs 3000. There is no dearth of good eating joints in the city. Depending on your budget and tastes, go ahead and have some time out with friends and family.
  • Utilities: This includes electricity, Wi-Fi, water, gas connection etc. An average household will have to allocate Rs 1500-Rs 3500 on utilities which depend on the locality you are living in and the kind of lifestyle you lead.
  • Schooling of the kids: While the Kendra Vidyalayas affiliated to CBSE charge Rs 40000 annually, the fees of international schools touches the roof because it is somewhere between Rs 80000-Rs 1 lakh annually. Preschool charges will range between Rs 15000-Rs 60000 annually depending on the school you choose and the kind of facilities you want.
  • Shopping: From the local Koti market and Begum Bazar to high-end shopping complexes, Hyderabad is a home for shopping freaks. If you want to go for budgeted shopping, go to the walled city and you will find a complete world of clothes, accessories, perfumes and shoes in those small lanes. You can allocate Rs 5000 per month on shopping and that should be good for a comfortable living.

Living in Hyderabad is going to be a pleasant experience because of the high affordability quotient and the quality of life you get. Plan smartly and you can stay happy in the city of pearls.


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