Cost of living in Kolkata - Guide for Students, Couples, Family

Cost of living in Kolkata

How about being a part of the grand Durgo Pujo celebrations in one of the best pandals in Kolkata? As a traveller, you might be reluctant to do so.  But if you are living in Kolkata, you have to experience this to feel related to this place. When it comes to affordability, Kolkata happens to be one of the most budget-friendly cities in India. It is close to the port and the indigenous production makes the city self-sufficient to meet the needs of the residents, thus making it cheaper than many other Indian cities. To add to it is the well-developed transportation system in the city which makes a living here convenient. So if you get a chance to live in Kolkata, grab the opportunity and enjoy the famous Sandesh. Before that, go through the list of expenses you will have to incur for a comfortable living:

  • Accommodation: The cost of accommodation will depend on the area you choose. North and central Kolkata is cheaper than south Kolkata. The rent of a 2BHK is approximately Rs 12000 per month and you can buy a 2 BHK flat for Rs 35 lakhs in Kolkata. Salt Lake City, Belighata, New Town are some of the newly developed areas where you find good accommodation at reasonable prices.
  • Transportation charges: You must have heard about the famous TRAM in Kolkata. So if you are in the city, don’t miss the chance to sit in it for a joyful ride across the old lanes of Kolkata. You will not find hand-pulled rickshaws elsewhere but in Kolkata.  Apart from this, the city has METRO service, local trains and an outstanding network of local buses for easy transport. The monthly pass for buses is available for Rs 500, and that is what you call affordable.
  • Utilities: Water, electricity, Wi-Fi, garbage handling expenses, etc will cost anywhere between Rs 1500- Rs 5000 per month depending on the usage and the locality you are in.
  • Childcare expenses: You will not have to struggle much in finding a good school in Kolkata for your child. Whether you want to send your child to a Montessori school or a regular playgroup, you will find numerous options in the city. The kind of facilities and environment you are looking for in the school will be the ultimate factor for cost determination.  An average pre-school will cost anywhere between Rs 1500- Rs 5000 per month while the cost of an international primary school will be Rs 70000- Rs 1.5 lakhs annually.
  • Shopping: The feel the vibes of the city, you need to go to Boi-Para, Gariahat market, Chandni Market and Burabazzar. Here you will find everything that is budgeted and which connects you to the city. Shopping here for clothes and shoes will not cost more than Rs 2000 per month. Going to branded stores will mean a burden of additional Rs 5000-Rs 7000 per month, which again depends on the brands you choose to wear.

When you think of Kolkata, the first thing that comes to mind is the puchka, and this is something you will get in abundance here. There is no dearth of local vendors and family-run restaurants where you will get mouth-watering dishes at affordable rates.

The City of Joy has a rich cultural heritage that you must explore when you are here. So if you are planning to relocate to Kolkata, get ready for a joyous ride on the tram in one of India's safest and friendliest cities.


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