Cost of living in Bangalore - Guide for Students, Couples, Family

Cost of living in Bangalore

How much affordable is Bangalore? Will I be able to make both ends meet if I have to move to Bangalore with my family? I am getting a good package, but still, I think it is less for a decent livelihood! Heard these statements in common parlance? Undoubtedly, yes! Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India and has brought India on the world map by nurturing the future IT giants and many more related to IT and ITES (IT Enables Services). But is it only IT? Talk about any MNC from any sector, and you will find its office there. With Bangalore being the hub of opportunities, a large number of people from across the country have made Bangalore their Karambhoomi. Thus, it is natural for the young and middle-aged population to en route to Bangalore. But what once you have landed at Kempegowda International Airport or Bangalore City Railway Station, where will you go” How will you find a good house, what will be the expense etc.? Let’s explore answers to finding the adequate Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan (Food, Clothes and Shelter) in Bangalore.

Where will you live?

Even Maslow had said that finding a good place to live is a human’s basic need, so finding a place depending on your budget will top the charts. Accommodation expense is the major expense in your monthly expenditure statement, and you will have to shell out depending on the locality you chose and the size of the apartment you wish to live in.

Cost of Living in Bangalore for a Students / Bachelor

Students: Living in PG is a good option because you can find one in the range of  INR 5000 - INR 10000 inclusive of food. If shared accommodation is an issue, look for 1BHK flats in Hebbal, Nagawara or BTM where the monthly rental will be INR 8000 - INR 10000.

Bachelors/Students Cost of Living Bangalore
Onion – 1kg, Potato – 1kg, Tomato – 1kg, Atta (Wheat) – 2kg, Milk – 500ml, 1 loaf of Bread and 6 eggs Rs. 261.74
Petrol – 1 litre Rs.76
Diesel – 1 Litre Rs.68
AC Bus Pass – Monthly Rs.2250
Non AC Bus Pass – Monthly Rs.1900
Minimum Metro Train Ticket Rs.10
Maximum Metro Train Ticket Rs.60
Cost of cook per person Rs.2000
Cost of a maid for 1BHK House/Flat Rs.1200
Cheapest meal in restaurants Rs.120
Cheapest meal in restaurants Rs.120
Total Monthly Cost of Living in Bangalore for Bachelor Rs.10,000

Cost of Living in Bangalore for a Couples

Couples: Working professionals or couples who live in a nuclear setup and are working must opt for accommodation close to their workplace. Getting a 2BHK flat somewhere between INR 12000-INR 15000 will not be an issue. If your budget allows, live life king size by renting an apartment in the posh areas like MG Road, Koramangala, ITPL etc. where 1BHK will cost you around INR 23000.

Monthly Grocery Costs for a Couple Rs.783
Monthly Petrol/Diesel Costs for a Couple Rs.1020 – Rs.1140
Monthly Maid Cost for a Couple Rs.1200
Monthly Cook Cost for a Couple Rs.2000
Monthly Dining Out Cost a Couple Rs.1000 – Rs.4000
Monthly Rental Cost in Bangalore 1 BHK/2 BHK Rs.8000 – Rs.30,000
Monthly Electricity Cost ( Non AC and AC ) Rs.500 – Rs.2000
Total Monthly Cost of living in Bangalore for a Couple Rs.15000 – Rs.41,000

For instance, Bagmane Tech Park in CV Raman Nagar offers 1 BHK for INR 10000-INR 18000. You can buy budgeted accommodation in Kuundalahalli, Hennur, Peenya, Ejipura, R.T. Nagar etc. Living in Indira Nagar, Whitefield, Ulsoor, Malleswaram, Jayanagar etc will make you spend extra on the accommodation.

Cost of Living in Bangalore for Family

Monthly Grocery Cost for Family of 4 Rs.1044
Monthly Petrol/Diesel Costs for a Family of 4 Rs.1020 – Rs.3000
Monthly Maid Cost for a Family of 4 Rs.4400
Monthly Cook Cost for a Family of 4 Rs.4000
Monthly Dining Out Cost a Family of 4 Rs.2000 – Rs.8000
Monthly Rental Cost in Bangalore 2 BHK/3 BHK Rs.15000 – Rs.65000
Monthly Electricity Cost ( Non AC and AC ) Rs.600 – Rs.4000
Monthly School Fees for 2 children Rs.10,000 – Rs.32000
Total Monthly Costs for a Family of 4 Rs.34,000 – Rs.1,16,000

How much will be the expense of food?

If you work like a machine for 5 days a week, you are entitled to hang out with friends and family on the weekends. Whether it is going to a fancy restaurant or eating out at any common eating joint or cooking at home, food is yet another crucial component of the monthly expenses. To begin with, start by hiring a cook because that is the smartest way of saving money. You will get a cook for INR 1200-INR 3000 depending on the size of your family. For bachelors and students, having pocket-friendly meals which are available at INR 100-INR 300 is a good option. Whether it is having a chilled beer or eating out at a mid-range restaurant, you need to budget your finances before stepping out because a chilled beer will range between INR 100-INR 220 and a meal for two at an average restaurant will cost between (INR 600-INR 1500. (For 2)

How will you travel to work?

Now, this is a million-dollar question because, with soaring fuel prices, you will have to segregate another component from your monthly budget, especially for fuel expenses. If you want to take public transport, you can save a huge amount on this component because Metro and BMTC buses are a cheaper mode of travel than private vehicles. You can get a monthly pass issued for travelling by Metro, which will cost somewhere between INR 1200 - INR 2000. You can also avail of taxi services like Uber, Ola etc. and the cost per km is Rs 15.

What will be the monthly grocery expense?

Are you thinking of stuffing up the kitchen with essentials? Go shopping to any of the big retail outlets, and you will find how much will be the monthly expense for grocery. From biscuits to milk to spices, pulses, flour, oil etc., there is a cost attached, and you will have to allocate somewhere between INR 5000-INR 10000 for this section from your budget. For instance, milk, bread, eggs, rice, cheese are available for INR 33- INR 55, INR 25- INR 40, INR 60, INR 45- INR 67 (per kg), INR 250- INR 800 (per kg) respectively. So you can imagine the monthly allotment needed for sustainability in Bangalore. Apart from this, the prices of fruits and vegetables are market-driven and shall vary accordingly.

What will be the expense for utilities in Bangalore?

For an average household, the monthly expense for utilities (water, electricity, heating) will be between INR 2500- INR 3000. Internet connection will cost INR 500- INR 1500 (This depends on the data usage). And prepaid mobile tariff will depend on the pack you have chosen. Normally, this will amount to somewhere between INR 200- INR 500.

Can you afford to shop in Bangalore?

Who doesn’t love to wear good clothes, carry smart totes and flaunt nice shoes? You can go shopping at the stores which are budgeted and don’t dig a hole in your pocket. For instance, a pair of Levis jeans will cost somewhere between INR 2000- INR 4000 and a dress from H&M or M&S will be somewhere between INR 1800- INR 2300. As far as shoes are concerned, buying regular running Adidas shoe will cost around INR 3500- INR 5500 and a formal leather shoe for men will range between INR 2000- INR 5000. Women can pick shoes from Inc5. Metro or Mochi, and will it be around INR 1500- INR 2500. Try going to places like Chickpete, Majestic Market or Commercial Street for budgeted shopping. That doesn’t mean that there is a dearth of high-end showrooms in Bangalore. If you want to wear a Tommy t-shirt for INR 8000, you can step into Orion Mall and shop until you are satiated.

How much will it cost to watch a movie in Cineplex?

Who wants to remain confined to the four walls on weekends? Book a ticket to watch a movie, have popcorns, dine out and come home. This is the perfect definition of a happy outing. But how much do you think you will end up spending?  A movie ticket in a multiplex will cost somewhere between INR 150- INR 200. Popcorns with cold drink INR 300, and if you dine out, get ready to spend INR 1500 (for 2). The average monthly expenses for watching a movie will be INR 500. (without dining out)

What will be the charges of joining a fitness club?

If you are a fitness freak and love to hit the gym, then be ready to spend somewhere around INR 750- INR 1500 monthly towards gym expenses! Playing tennis will cost you around INR 200- INR 800.

What will be the expense of a kid’s education?

This is one thing that depends on the kind of facilities you want to give to your child. Do you want flamboyance or simplicity? This is your prerogative. The reason is that there are multiple international schools in Bangalore where fees are INR 1 lakh - INR 3 lakh per year and then there are normal schools where pre-school fee ranges between INR 2500- INR 10000 monthly, and for primary classes, the monthly charges are between INR 3000- INR 10000.

Living comfortably is everyone’s desire, and thus the cost of living a decent lifestyle will narrow down to INR 25000- INR 30000 in Bangalore. It can shoot up to lakhs depending on the area you chose and the kind of amenities you want.

Plan smartly to live happily in this city of opportunities!

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