Square Yards to Cents Conversion: Everything You Need to Know About Converter

Square Yards to Cents Conversion

While Square Yards to Cent Conversion figures need not be on your tips, but having an understanding of the mathematics behind the conversion will give you an edge in your property deals. When you read articles on property, words like bigha, square yards, square meters, gaz, etc are used quite often. But does that mean that each of these measurement units means the same when measured in terms of area? Well, that is certainly not true. Thus having an insight into this jargon will put you in a better position when you come across such terms the next time.

What is Cent?

A Cent is a traditional unit of measurement which finds its usage in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana (South Indian states) although metric units are widely used now. One cent = area of 1/100 of an acre (40.5 metre2, 435.6 sq ft). Since cents is used in many real estate deals, thus understanding the conversions will help you in having a thorough knowledge of the deal you are in.

1 cent is deemed to be equal to:

            Unit                 Value

  • Acres               0.01
  • Hectares          0.0040468564
  • Square feet     435.6
  • Square inches  62,726.4
  • Square metres            40.468564
  • Square yards   48.4
  • Square centimetres 404,685.64

What Are Square Yards?

The word square yard finds its origin in the English speaking world but has now been replaced with square metres. A square yard is a unit of measurement and it is the area of the square with sides of 1 yard in length (3 feet, 36 inches, 0.9144 metres).

Before 1959, US, South Africa, UK, Australia and New Zealand had different measurement for one yard. But after 1959, it was decided that 1 yard = 0.9144 meters and this eased the calculations for people dealing in property. As far as any specific symbol for donating square yards is concerned, there is no universal symbol. However, a square yard is commonly written as:

  • Square yards, square yd, square yds, square yard
  • Sq yards, sq yd, sq yd, sq yds, sq.yd
  • Yards/-2, yard/-2, yds/-2, yd/-2
  • Yards2, yard2, yd2, yds2

One square yard is equivalent to:

  • 1.296 sq inches
  • 9 square feet
  • 0.00020661157 acres
  • 0.000000322830579 sq miles
  • 836127.36 sq millimetres
  • 8361.2736 sq centimetres
  • 0.83612736 sq meters
  • 0.000083612736 sq hectares
  • 0.00000083612736 sq kilometres
  • 1.00969 gaj

Conversion of Square Yards to Cents

Hectares, acres, square yards and square meters are widely used to measure the units of area across the country. But words like bigha and marla are used in North India and cent, ground and gutha are used in South India. Thus depending on the names, the sizes also vary from state to state.

However, when you have to convert square yards to cent and vice versa, the calculation is

1 cent= 48.4 square yards

1 sq yard=0.02066305647 cent

You can round off this figure to 50 if you are confident that the results won’t be affected. But it is strongly recommended to be as precise as possible and you must have a clear understanding of the units of measurement to have a good hold on the conversation when you are dealing in property matters. Having a universal knowledge of the numerous units of measurement used across the globe will give you an edge and help you in diversifying.

To add a professional touch to your dealings, it is advisable that you know the conversions units and you will have the power to channelize the conversation in your favour.

Some other Units of Measurement

If you are a real estate enthusiast, you should keep the following table handy as it will help you in accurate estimations and precise results.

144 sq inches=1 sq ft

160 sq rods=1 acre =4840 sq yards=43560 sq ft

640 acres=1 sq mi.

301/4 sq yards=1 sq rd=2721/4 sq ft

9 sq ft=1 sq yd=1296 sq in

1 mile square=1 section

6 mile square= 1 township=36 sections=36 sq mi

So next time before going for the deal, keep the information handy to show your confidence and knowledge!

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