1 BHK Flats & Apartments in Yelahanka, Bangalore


Want to buy 1 bhk flats and apartments in Yelahanka?. Currently, there are  18 projects that offer 1 bhk flats in the affordable housing segment. These include ZED Woods , Arihant Maruthi Nandan , Arihant Seasons Avenue , Maarq Arena , Tanzanite and more.

Minimum to maximum price for these apartments is On Request. Size-wise, these 1 bhk apartments range from On Request. Made by developers like 16, most of these projects are either ready to move or near completion. In fact, 50% are Ready to Move projects, 11% are Launch projects, 33% are Under Construction projects, and rest 6% are Pre Launch projects. . These 1 bhk apartments in Yelahanka, bangalore are definitely investment worthy.

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18 Projects
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1 BHK 827 Sqft Apartment in ZED Woods

By: ZED Builder Yelahanka

PossessionJan, 2015

Property Price

34.73 Lacs

1 BHK 549 Sqft Apartment in Arihant Maruthi Nandan

By: Arihant Developers Yelahanka

PossessionFeb, 2012

Property Price

19.22 Lacs

1 BHK 623 Sqft Apartment in Arihant Seasons Avenue

By: Arihant Developers Yelahanka

PossessionMar, 2023

Property Price

24.34 Lacs

1 BHK 831 Sqft Apartment in Maarq Arena

By: Maarq Spaces Yelahanka

PossessionSep, 2022

Property Price

42.38 Lacs

1 BHK 694 Sqft Apartment in Tanzanite

By: New India Construction Co Yelahanka

PossessionMar, 2017

Property Price

28.87 Lacs

1 BHK 702 Sqft Apartment in Tranquil

By: Sree Adithya Developers Yelahanka

PossessionApr, 2022

Property Price

37.14 Lacs

1 BHK 585 Sqft Apartment in Sankalp Square

By: Sankalp Realty Yelahanka

PossessionDec, 2022

Property Price

54.29 Lacs

1 BHK 666 Sqft Apartment in Ajmera Florenza

By: Ajmera Group Yelahanka

PossessionDec, 2024

Property Price

30.57 Lacs

1 BHK 640 Sqft Apartment in 5 Elements Eshwaree Orchids

By: 5 Elements Realty Yelahanka
Who doesn’t like Orchids? 5 Elements Eshwaree Orchids is sure to steal your heart. H...Read More

PossessionNov, 2019

Property Price

28.8 Lacs

1 BHK 450 Sqft Apartment in Vaishnavi Serene

By: Vaishnavi Group Yelahanka
Vaishnavi Group has launched a luxurious residential development adorned with vegetation o...Read More

PossessionDec, 2022

Property Price

44 Lacs

1 BHK 419 Sqft Apartment in Ajmera Lugaano

By: Ajmera Group Yelahanka
Supported by Ajmera Group, a best in the class developer with a huge experience the projec...Read More

PossessionFeb, 2025

Property Price

25.17 Lacs

1 BHK 710 Sqft Apartment in Prabhavathi Palm

By: Prabhavathi Builders Yelahanka
Prabhavathi Builders have launched Prabhavathi Palm, a luxurious dwelling opportunity for ...Read More

PossessionFeb, 2015

Property Price

22.72 Lacs

1 BHK 571 Sqft Apartment in DRA Ranka North Star

By: DRA Group Yelahanka
DRA Group is delivering Quality homes for more than 3 decades, making DRA Ranka North Star...Read More

PossessionJul, 2020

Property Price

25.7 Lacs

1 BHK 550 Sqft Apartment in BCIL Collective

By: BCIL Yelahanka
BCIL Collective of the BCIL group provides to you a lavish style residential development, ...Read More

PossessionOct, 2010

Property Price

29.44 Lacs

1 BHK 750 Sqft Apartment in BCD Paradiso

By: BCD India Yelahanka
The BCD Paradiso of BCD India is a real paradise for all of their investors. Located at Ba...Read More

PossessionNov, 2023

Property Price

28.13 Lacs

1 BHK 550 Sqft Apartment in Zed Collective

By: Zed Constructions Yelahanka
Being located at Yelahanka, Bangalore, Zed Collective is closely connected to major locati...Read More

PossessionOct, 2010

Property Price

29.44 Lacs

1 BHK 1100 Sqft Apartment in Shriram Suhaana

By: Shriram Properties Yelahanka
Built by Shriram Sahaana, Shriram Suhaana, is an excellent private project constructed nea...Read More

PossessionMar, 2015

Property Price

54.78 Lacs

1 BHK 710 Sqft Apartment in Arun Patios

By: Arun Shelters Yelahanka
Arun Patios is located in Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore. It has been designed by Arun Shel...Read More

PossessionJan, 2013

Property Price

36.21 Lacs