DDA Flats Housing Scheme 2022: Registration, Eligibility, Fees, Online Payment

Details to know about DDA Flats Housing Scheme 2022

The Government of India creates various schemes for developing its citizens, and this Ddda Flats Scheme 2022 is one among them. Though people run behindon many things in life, building or buying their own house is a dream for many of them. However, due to their financial stats and market price of land building, many people with low income and economic stats requirements. Many people with low income and financial status can't afford a house for their family. The work of this scheme is to provide a chance for low and middle-class people to buy an apartment Delhi ata low rate. So, this scheme fulfils many people's dream and change their living style.

The term DDA in the scheme's name refers to the Delhi development authority. This part of the government group is responsible for handling the registration and requests for the apartments. This DDA provides upto 1300 flats in various locations of Delhi, and people who need to get their flats in different areas can register with the applications and the necessarysite in which they like to have a flat. And people who need to get apartments at low prices with this scheme should follow several steps to register, and they need to come under several eligibility criteria. The government follows all these steps to confirm that all these apartments reach the correct people with requirements.

Dates for registration and allotment

The DDA started this scheme on 23 December 2021 and beganregistering people with a closing date of 2 February 2022. The last for applyingwas on the same date, 2 February 2022,and after that date, people can't apply for the scheme. The DDA will move to filter people with various eligibility criteria along with different other elements and create a final list of people who the department chooses for the apartments.After completing all these steps, the DAA will announce the allotment date and the list of people who will get those flats. Most people of Delhi apply for this scheme, and people with proper eligibility will get their apartments for an affordable price. The main goal of the DDA is to provide affordable and comfortable homes for all its citizens.

And though the dates for registration are already over, people can't apply now for those schemes. Still, people who have already applied can wait to know about the available resultson a particular date that the DDA agency will announce. People can use the online portal that is mainly available to know about all kinds of details related to the DDA and their schemes. People can also find various information necessary for applying for the DDA housing schemes and even more different schemes. Sothese are some points about DDA housing schemes 2022 that people need to know.

Documents necessary for the DDA housing scheme

For all kinds of schemes and to get various documents, people need to submit multiple documents as proof for the government. Similarly, people who need to register for this  DAA housing scheme 2022 should provide some necessary documents for the registration process. Those required documents are

  • PAN card
  • Income certificate
  • Residential proof
  • Aadhar card

These are the necessary documents that people need to provide for the registration process for the housing scheme. Each record in this list is helpful for the DDA to analyze the applicant about their eligibility. The PAN card is to verify all the applicant's bank accounts, and it also helps them find the current financial status of the people. The Income certificate is to clarify the salary level of the family and the applicant. It also allows them to verify that the application is the right option for this scheme. The residential proof and aadhar card help choose the right people for the scheme benefits.

Eligibility criteria for registering with the DDA housing scheme

Like every other government scheme, there is some eligibility level available for applicants and people who fall under these rules are eligible for this scheme. The Indian government and the Delhi state government strictly follow these rules and criteria to provide these schemes for people with actual requirements, not those who already have enough for their living. Some of those eligibility criteria for getting flats through the project are

  • The applicant must be above 18 years of age
  • Only the residents of India are allowed to apply
  • Both husband and wife can apply for the flats, but if both get declared, only one flat is available for them
  • The applicant can apply alone or jointly
  • And applicants should have a permanent account number to apply
  • Should provide genuine bank details
  • No fixed income for all other categories

So, these are some of the eligibility people need to apply for a flat in the DDA housing scheme 2022. People who have all these eligibilities can apply for their apartment with all other suitable applicants. People who come and this eligibility criteria can apply and make their dream for their own house accurate with the government's help in an affordable and very low price range. So, these are some points that people need to know about the services and the eligibility necessary for registering with DDA housing schemes.

Registration fees amount for DDA housing scheme 2022

Though this scheme is to help the needy people, some rules and regulations are available in government which is necessary for all kinds of social schemes and welfare. Similarly, for this DDA housing scheme, people need to pay some registration fees to complete their registration with the DDA department. People who need to complete their registration process should pay the necessary fee amount. And there are several kinds of housing categories are also available with these DDA housing departments, and those categories are

  • HIG -high-income group
  • MIG- Mid-income group
  • LIG- Low-income group
  • EWS- Economically weaker section

These are the categories available with the DDA housing scheme 2022 department, and people who need to get an apartment from this scheme should come under this range. In this scheme,the fees for all these categories are Rs 2000 only. It may vary according to the features available with the different housing options available for poor and low financial status people. Among these options, people can apply for any housing category, and the eligibility criteria arethe same for all those kinds of housing categories. So, these are some points that people need to know about the registration fees and all similar details about the DDA housing scheme.

Steps to register online for the DDA housing scheme

People who need to register in this scheme should use the official website of their DDA department,which is available for all people. And in the official website, people can enter the home page where they can find the link to open the registration form for the DDA housing scheme 2022. After that, people can enter all the necessary details on the website like name, DOB, personal mobile number, and PAN card. Then they need to submit the details to get the official user id and password for the account to check the application's current status. The DDA department will send all the details, user id and password to the official registered mobile number.

After completing all these processes, people can use the user id and password to enter the portal with authorized access. To achieve this process, people need to reach the official website of the DDA department, and in that, they need to select the login option. Then they need to enter all their credentials to complete the login process with the official DDA housing scheme portal. So, these are some details that people need to know about the essential functionof the official online portal for registering and tracking the status of the application.

Features available with the online DDA housing portal

Though the online website of DDA is the best option for people to know about the services available with the department, people can use them for various kinds of services also. Some of the service options that are available with the online platform of the DDA housing scheme 2022 are

  • To check the current housing schemes of 2022
  • Online instant flat booking
  • Online employee services
  • File grievance
  • Check the status of the grievance

So, some services are available with the DDA housing services,which are available on the department's official site. All these services and options will help the users get more details, help complete their work, and know about their requests to the department. The official site of this DDA department will be the best option for people who have several doubts about the DDA housing scheme and even all other schemes that are available with this housing department. These are some details people need to know about the DDA housing schemes website and their abilities.


Though many private housing and apartment providers are available around Delhi,many people can't afford them. And the work of this DDA housing scheme 2022 is to help people with a low-income level get their apartments at affordable prices and provide these apartments in different areas of Delhi. So, these are the points that people need to understand about the abilities of DDA and its schemes.

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