Municipal Corporation Gurugram (MCG) Property Tax 2022: Calculator & Online Payment

Property Tax - MCG

Property owners need to pay the tax for Governments to carry out public welfare schemes. The tax depends on the property type and the income generated by the property. The tax is collected regularly; the property owners can even get the details from the official websites. The MCG officials update MCG Property Tax Details on the PMS portal. The individuals or the property owners can search for the updated taxes by using their contact number or their property name when there is no property ID number. 

Various options are available for the property owners to raise complaints or any other issues regarding the property tax. The local municipality government best uses the taxes collected from the public in various development schemes. 


Objectives Of Taxation:

MCG Property Tax includes the following objectives, and it helps in understanding the concept of collecting tax from the public. 


Economic Development:

The first and foremost objectives of taxation are economic development. The economic development of any nation is based on capital formation growth. The governments overcome the scarcity of capital by mobilizing the resources. Mobilization of tax leads to rapid capital accumulation; in addition, the government initiates tax revenues to step up both public and private investments. The added benefit of taxation is that the ratio of saving the national income is raised to a greater extent by proper tax planning.

Moreover, the raised taxation and the newly imposed taxes pave the way for a smooth capital formation. The taxation policy effectively raises the elements related to economic development by raising the saving income ratio. 

Hence, the government employs the tax policy so that investments occur in the productive sectors of the economy, which include infrastructural sectors. 


Full Employment:

The second objective of taxation is to meet the country's employment needs and demands. The nation fulfils its desires by framing taxes and cutting down the rates of the taxes. 

Therefore, disposable income starts to rise and thereby, the demand for goods and services also gets raised. The increase in demand stimulates investment, leading to a rise in income and employment with the help of the multiplier mechanism. 


Stability Of Price:

The third major objective of taxation is maintaining price stability. MCG Property Tax remains an effective means of controlling inflation. The government bodies control private spending by raising the direct tax. It controls the pressure on the commodity market to a greater extent. 


Control Of Cyclic Fluctuations:

The fourth objective of taxation is to control cyclic fluctuations associated with the boom and depression periods. The government maintained a balanced state of taxation by lowering taxes during the depression period and increasing taxes during the booming period. The particular strategy increases the cyclical fluctuations to a greater extent.


Reduction Of BOP Difficulties:

Specific taxes like custom duties control the imports of certain goods to reduce the intensity of balancing the payment difficulties to encourage the domestic production that remains a substitute for the imported goods. 


Non-Revenue Objective:

The last but not the least objective of taxation is reducing the inequalities in income and wealth. The government introduces the system of progressive taxation by taxing the rich at a higher rate than the poor.


Pay Property Tax Online:

The property owners can pay their taxes by visiting the specific portal. The digital platform improved the ways of paying taxes online. It saves the time and energy of the people to a greater extent. 

People need not wait in queues to pay their taxes; the digital platform made the complex tax-paying process into a simpler form. The following are the ways of paying taxes online. 

  • Visit the official site of the local municipality.
  • Login to the portal by providing the necessary credentials; login needs registration.
  • Click on the option "Property Tax."
  • Select the property type and the assessment year
  • Fill in the relevant particulars like the owner's name, property identification number and the other particulars.
  • Make a check for the property amount.
  • Select the mode of payment to complete the payment process
  • The individual can download or print the challan for future reference

There might be a few variations available based on the location change. But MCG Property Tax is done by following the steps mentioned above. 


The Other Available Options For Paying The Property Tax:

Other than visiting the official website of the local municipality, there are also other ways available to pay the property tax. It is a simple and easy way of paying the tax online by using alternative ideas. 


Pay The Property Tax By Using Paytm App:

It is the mobile version of paying tax; it facilitates tax payment from anywhere and anytime. The steps of paying tax using the app include

  • Open the mobile application on the mobile phone to get the bill payment option.

  • Move on to the "More Services" section
  • Click on the option "Municipal Tax."
  • Select the "Municipal Corporation" from the available options
  • Enter all the relevant information
  • Click on "Get Tax Amount"
  • Once the amount is checked, select the payment mode of your choice to complete the payment option.


Paying Tax On Web:

  • Visit the Municipal Tax Payment page on Paytm
  • Select the corporation to pay the tax
  • Enter all the required details
  • Click the option "Get Tax Amount."
  • Select the payment mode after checking the amount
  • Select your payment option and complete your payment

The alternative ways help in easy tax payment by saving the time and energy of the property owners.


Know More About MCG Property Tax:

 An overview of the tax gives a clear idea of the property tax, and it also helps in a better understanding of the concept. 

The property owners in Gurgaon need to pay the property tax to the local municipality every year. The tax rate varies from state to state; the people of Gurgaon fall under the local authorities of the MCG property tax regime.

The municipality of Gurgaon levies taxes on the property based on the area, size, construction, building details, etc. Even when the property is left vacant, it is necessary to pay the tax. The tax period starts in April, and it gets closed by March next year. 

The Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon announced its collaboration with private banks in 2016 to make the property tax payment the easiest option. The property owners can pay their taxes without stepping out of their doorsteps by using the online tax payment options. 


The Method Of Calculating MCG Property Tax:

It is essential to know how property taxes are calculated. It helps in gaining knowledge of property tax. In India, the property tax is collected based on the following formula, which includes

  • Base value
  • Built-up area
  • Age of the property
  • Type of the building
  • Category of usage
  • Floor factor and so on

There are possibilities to check the tax value by entering the property details on the official website of the local civic body.

The tax rate also varies for residential properties and commercial properties. The property tax rate varies for shops and other commercial aspects too. Hence, it is essential to calculate the property tax based on the property type. 


Benefits Of Paying Tax On Time:

The homeowners or the property owners avail specific benefits by paying the tax on time. Some of the major benefits of paying tax on time include

  • There are possibilities to avail specific discount

  • Possibilities of avoiding late payment penalties
  • Avail the benefits of paying income tax
  • Availability of easy payment process
  • Possibilities of fulfilling tax obligations

These are all the benefits available for the property owners by paying the tax on time. 


Pay The Tax As Per The Convenient:

The local civic body makes the tax payment simple and comfortable for the taxpayers. The homeowners or the property owners can pay the tax for the whole year, or they can even do the payment partially and complete it in two half payments. 

It is the taxpayers' choice to select the tax payment option; they can even pay the tax online or even by visiting the office personally. Paying tax on time ensures property safety, and it is how the local government generates income to maintain all the public welfare schemes and ideas.

Some of the possible factors related to tax payment include


  • It helps in building the nation
  • It helps in developing several welfare schemes
  • It helps in improving health care 
  • It helps in improving the standard of education


It is the duty and responsibility of every citizen to pay the tax. Paying tax is a way of contributing to the nation's development as the tax money plays various roles in the economic development of the nation. 

The tax also helps the country's growth equal to other global nations' economies. Hence, it is essential to pay the property tax to participate in the development of the nation's economy.



Property tax payment is one of the important duties of every country's citizens. It gives support to the government in various ways. Paying tax is also one way of engaging in the nation's development strategies that, in turn, benefits the citizens. Most government activities and development schemes are based on the income generated by the taxes. A responsible and lawful citizen must pay all the taxes, including the property tax, to complete their role as a successful citizen.


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